Red Plastic Vintage Suitcase

Because our family is rough on luggage and usually short on cash, we never seem to have an adequate set of suitcases when we go on trips.  Recently we were preparing to take a trip and my husband asked "where are the suitcases?"   I held up a little suitcase (the one that fits in the big suitcase) and said "this is it, plus a bunch of duffel bags".  Do the duffel bags have wheels?  Maybe.

Later that day I went into the attic to put something away, and what do I see?  A big suitcase!  It has been up there for at least 20 years, why haven't I used it?  I rescued it from the attic and dusted it off, and it was ready to go on our trip.  So what if it wasn't in style, and made from reddish flexible plastic, the zippers worked and it had wheels.  I figured my husband could use it  and I would use the little one.  Yes, my husband brings more on a trip than I do.

When my husband saw the suitcase in the kitchen, he asked "what's that goofy looking thing doing in here?"  I said "you are going to use that goofy looking thing for the trip".  He adamantly responded "NO I AM NOT".  I demanded to know why and he said "it looks like it's from the 1970's".  I told him that "vintage" is the "in thing" right now.  He said "then you use it" and I said "OK, I will!"

The day before the trip my husband ran to the store and bought himself a new set of luggage, much to my dismay.  I wound up using the 1970's suitcase - it rolled nicely through the airport and stood out on the luggage conveyor belt.  My husband told me not to worry, no one would steal it.  

I will use the 1970's red plastic suitcase the next time I travel.

May 26, 2016 — Virginia Horan

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