The Birthday Cake

When my son was 13 years old I asked him to bake a birthday cake for his grandfather.  I was running late that day and we were having a small celebration that evening.  I offered to give my son instructions over the phone and he said he was fully capable of reading the instructions on the cake mix box himself.  I still gave him the instructions which he promptly ignored.

Later that evening we had a small family gathering and Grandpa opened presents. Then it was time for the cake.  I brought the cake over, took the lid off the cake carrier, and looked at it.  I said to my son "where's the rest of it?"  He said "it's all there".  It was one little round layer.  I said "it's supposed to have 2 layers, where is the other layer?".  

Apparently my son didn't read the part of the instructions that said to use 2 little round cake pans or one big cake pan.  He put all the cake batter in one little round pan.  So the whole time it was baking it was dripping over the sides.  He said he kept running back and forth to the oven trying to keep up with the mess.  No, he did not burn himself, and No, he did not volunteer to bake anything else.


April 01, 2016 — Virginia Horan

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