The Frog Trying to Eat the Cat's Food

I am a city/suburban girl transplanted to rural, horse country.  I am still amazed at all the interesting animals and bugs that I encounter out here in the country.  On one occasion I noticed a strange creature in our backyard.  I was positive it was one of those "Chupacabra" mystery animals that I had seen on a recent TV show.  I couldn't wait to show my husband.  He informed me that it was just a fox.  Another time I saw what looked like a turkey standing in the neighbors yard.  I told my husband about the turkey I found in the neighbors yard, he informed me that it was a turkey buzzard and that I was not to cook Thanksgiving dinner any more.

We have a feral cat living out of the garage.  I feed her daily and provide shelter.  All week long I have seen a frog in the garage when I go out to feed the cat.  The cat ignores the frog and the frog tries to go unnoticed.  Last night I went to feed the cat and the frog was sitting in front of the cat's food bowls, like he was waiting for dinner!  He sat there while I put the food bowls down and the cat ran to the bowls, bumping into the frog who was still sitting there. Finally the frog moved.

Later that evening on the other side of the house I opened the door to let the dog out and there was a frog sitting there, right in front of the door, like he was waiting to be let in.  Was this the same frog that was in the garage or was it one of his relatives?

Update...There is now what looks like a baby frog jumping around the garage...Is there a pond in here I don't know about?

September 14, 2016 — Virginia Horan

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