The Gift Ensemble

I'm one of those rare professional women that loves to shop.  I especially enjoy a great bargain.  When an occasion arises requiring a unique and thoughtful gift, I'm usually well prepared.  I've chatted with numerous people who say they just don't have time to shop for gifts so their fall back is a gift card, although sometime the best option, not very memorable. I typically counter to these non-shoppers, do you ever go shopping during the year?  Most will say, "Well yes."  So why not build your gift chest while you are already out and about or spending a little time online!  What I do is when I have to shop, I spend an extra minute looking at the clearance racks at major department stores or the discount stores.  Last week, as matter of fact, I saw an adorable Carter sweater set in a size 9 months for $4.00.  I bought it and have it available for that next baby shower invite or announcement to come in the mail.  We all know if you go out specifically for an item, you most likely will pay full price, in my case that adorable little set was originally priced at $19.99.  I also frequent favorite websites to see if there are unique items I can add to my "Gift Chest" for Christmas or birthdays for my extended (quite large) list of relatives, especially when I know of a unique and specific hobby or passion.

To continue with the baby gift theme given my recent purchase, how to present or send the perfect and memorable baby gift.  I find that the trick is to create an "ensemble".  So in addition to the Carter sweater set, I typically will add a rattle or baby blanket, something comforting to the little one as well as something practical like a baby grooming kit or pacifiers, something low cost but needed.  Also, if there is an older sibling of the "jealous of newborn baby" age, I always add a small treat, be it a small toy or book to let them know they are important.  Finally, if you are shipping, an extra few minutes of wrapping or creating a gift basket makes a wonderful impression!  So when you are out and about shopping or checking things out on line, spend a few dollars to build your gift chest, saves money and time in the long run.  Happy Gifting!

By Margaret O'Neill

February 24, 2017 — Virginia Horan
Tags: gift

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