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Eco-Conscious Lifestyle Blog Post

An Eco-Conscious Lifestyle For Everyone Everyday

Although concern for the environment has been around for a long time, many people are not aware of how to live an eco-conscious lifestyle.  In this post we share some of our ideas for recycling, reusing and repurposing that can be incorporated into everyday life.
July 03, 2017 by Virginia Horan
Front of Small Thrift Shop

Expecting Too Much From Thrift/Consignment Shops

Consumer's high expectations these days may be impacting the thrift stores for the better, and the worse.  A lot of thrift stores are trying to incorporate a fresh modern look, nice displays, a web presence, etc. All this modernization comes at a cost, a cost that is then reflected in higher prices for the goods they are selling.  Almost makes you ask the question, are they still a "thrift" store?
March 06, 2017 by Virginia Horan
Inside of a Small Thrift Shop

Thrift Stores - A Misunderstanding

What happened to the "thrift" in Thrift Stores?  Why are their prices so high these days? The cost of doing business, just like the cost of living, has been increasing at a ridiculous rate. But is there more to it?  The trends these days is "vintage" and "designer consignment", have these trends influenced the thrift stores pricing?
February 24, 2017 by Virginia Horan
Clothing Donation Recepticle

Current Clothing Styles for Secondhand Retailers

A lot of thrift stores and consignment shops only accept donations of current style clothing. What happens to the perfectly good clothing that's not "in style"?  Most of it ends up in the landfills.  There are much better options for these "unstylish" clothing and this article discusses a few of them.
November 17, 2016 by Virginia Horan
Clearance Sale Sign

Summer Clearance Sale on 4th of July - Why So Soon?

Not even two weeks into the summer season and the stores are already trying to get rid of their summer inventory by having clearance sales.  Why?
July 06, 2016 by Virginia Horan
Bathing Suits in January & Coats in July

Bathing Suits in January & Coats in July

For some reason in recent years I have noticed the stores selling products far in advance of the season to which they apply.  And it seems like they are starting earlier and earlier every year.  They are so advanced and efficient that finding products applicable to that season is almost impossible.
June 28, 2016 by Virginia Horan
Shipping Box

The High Cost of Shipping


Why is it that shipping costs have skyrocketed in recent years?  Is it because the cost of fuel increased?  Is it because of the growth of internet sales leading to an increase in the amount of items being shipped (shouldn't this have lead to a lesser fee per item shipped)?

The rate of increase in shipping costs in recent years seems extreme.  The shipping companies (and the USPS) are trying to make a profit.  However, how much of a profit do they need to make?  Because of the huge fees charged and all the restrictions to be followed, the shipping process for both consumers and businesses necessitates way more time than it should, and costs way more than it should.  

What impact will shipping costs have in the future on what is sold and how much it is sold for?  


March 19, 2016 by Virginia Horan
Three Dollar Signs

Second Hand Venue's Influence on Value of Product

Why is it that the same product will sell for $1.00 at a yard sale, $3.00 at a second hand shop, and $10.00 at a vintage & collectibles boutique?  Or this product will not sell at the yard sale or at the second hand shop, but will sell for $20.00 at the vintage & collectibles boutique?  Why does it matter who is selling the product or where it's being sold, especially if it's not electronics or automotive?  

A bargain price doesn't necessarily equate with a substandard product just as an inflated price doesn't guarantee quality.  


February 01, 2016 by Virginia Horan