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Vintage Jelly Jar Drinking Glasses - Set of 2

$8.00 USD

This is a pair of 6 oz drinking glasses that were originally sold with jelly in them. One of the glasses say's Welch's. Glass #1 has a mother duck and her chicks.  Glass #2 has a scene from "Dr. Seuss" and other cartoons and says "Welch's".  Glass #1 is straight up and down and Glass #2 tapers inward at the top.

  • Status - Used,
  • Condition - good,
  • Size - holds approx. 4-6 ounces of liquid,
  • Color - Glass#1 is clear glass painted with orange, white and yellow;  Glass#2 is clear glass painted with beige, blues, brown and white,
  • Material - glass