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Individual Casserole Pottery Dish with Lid Brown & Turquoise

$6.00 USD

This is a preowned glazed brown and turquoise pottery dish with lid, probably vintage. The glaze on the lid is worn on some spots. The underside of the lid is not glazed and does show some minor chips. There is a small knob on the top of the lid. The dish is all glazed, it is brown on the bottom and exterior, then light green on the rim and interior of the dish. the lid is glazed brown on top but the underside of the lid has no paint or glaze.

  • Status - Used,
  • Condition - fair to good,
  • Color - brown, turquoise,
  • Material - glazed pottery,
  • Width - base of dish is 3" diameter; top of dish is 5" diameter at handles; inside of dish is 4" diameter; lid is 3-3/4" diameter,
  • Height - dish is 2-1/2"; lid with knob is 1"