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Lined Dress - Women's Size Large

$16.00 USD

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This is a new black dress without sales tags that is lined. It has the look and feel of a suit jacket but it is a dress. In the front, it is open to the waist where there is a button/zipper closure (similar to a pair of pants). There is a 1-1/2" defined waist band which visually separates the top of the dress from the bottom. There is a 6-1/2" vent extension on the back bottom of the dress. This dress has a collar, long sleeves and shoulder pads.

  • For - women,
  • Status - never worn,
  • Condition - good,
  • Size - L/G,
  • Color - black,
  • Material - the shell is 85% polyester, 15% rayon, 3% spandex; the lining is 100% polyester,
  • Width - 19",
  • Height - 37-1/2"