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Pink Fabric Decorated Jewelry Box

$15.00 USD

Brand HomeGoods

A preowned dark pink jewelry box that was made in India.  It has a floral rhinestone pattern on the lid and three sides.  It still has a tag attached that says "assembled entirely by hand. This piece was beaded and embroidered individually by Indian Artisans."  There is a little ribbon in the front center that will lift up the lid revealing a mirror on the inside of the lid.  The top level of the jewelry box is covered by fabric and is divided into 3 sections.  This top level lifts out and the bottom level is one full area covered in fabric as well. 

  • Status - Used,
  • Condition - good,
  • Size - 10" x 7" x 3",
  • Color - dark pink,
  • Material - fabric, rhinestones