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Portuguese Cut Glass Ships Decanter with Stopper

$25.00 USD

A preowned clear glass decanter with a pattern of diamond and other shapes cut around the base. The bottom of the decanter is wide then it tapers into a thin flute towards the top. The stopper is made of cut glass as well. There is a small sticker, partially attached, that says "Made in Portugal".

  • Status - Used,
  • Condition - good,
  • Size - The Stopper has a circumference of 7-1/2" and is 4-3/4" long. The decanter's rim is 2" across, it's neck is approx. 3-1/2" long with a 4" circumference and the base has a 24-1/2" circumference and 7-3/4" diameter.
  • Color - clear,
  • Material - glass?,
  • Height - decanter is 7" tall without the stopper and 10" tall with the stopper